The Dried Vessel

I miss having my quiet time with God. I miss the feeling of knowing everything is gonna be alright simply cause I have God. I miss my faith. Sometimes, I wonder, if God knows I’m gonna falter, why put me through it. I don’t wanna drift away from Him. Am trying to go back to Him. A little help maybe, God? I miss the warm feeling of God’s love in my heart. Sometimes I wonder if it’s cause my heart turned cold or that God’s love actually left, that’s why I can’t feel the warmth anymore. I pray I can rest in God’s presence tonight. Filled with peace and love and warmth. I miss God. I know people always tell me, He’s always there. But lately, am feeling spiritually dry and I totally don’t feel Him. God, help.

Super 8

Better than I expected. Actually, much better than I expected. Went to watch this show in hope of getting my mind of things. Wasn’t expecting much cause reading the synopsis of the show, it mentioned ‘Area 51’. Had pretty much bad experience on a previously watched movie on ‘Area 51’. So it was a pretty pleasant surprise when the show turned out pretty interesting. The plot is kinda worth watching. Keeps you guessing what the ‘mysterious big black thing’ is. Threw in a little comedy line here and there. And the fact that the main characters of Super 8 are kids, this show is pretty commendable. At least, for two hours, my mind what somewhat free of shit. And no, it is not a horror movie. =) But everything being said, it IS a Steven Spielberg show. So, what the heck right.

The (Ridiculous) Obedient Wives Club

The country has gone international, for the wrong reason again. Just when I thought nothing could amuse me anymore, boom! The Obedient Wives Club sprouted. Till now, I still have speechless moments when someone mention the topic of The Obedient Wives Club. It has made even The Washington Post to publish this article in their newspaper. Such embarrassment. Now we’re the joke of the world again. Am still having difficulty trying to comprehend the mentality of these women. Ridiculous. I can’t even describe it.

NOW they blame it on the ‘disobedient wives’ for ‘upheaval in this world’?! And the words coming from a woman herself!? WTF?!

And then they accuse the women for not welcoming their husbands home with ‘alluring smiles and sexy dressing’. That is seriously a diarrhea in their brains. To blame and degrade your own gender. It’s the 2011 year, ladies. What year do you think you are living in ? 0011?

Something even more mind-blowing when I read this news article on The Star newspaper. It literally made my jaw drop, in a really bad way.

According to them, you still have to submit to your husband even if he cheats on you, or even worse, abuses you. Wow. Seriously? Yeah, sure. Am sure you’ll go to heaven, though much earlier than you are supposed to, cause maybe you’ll be abused to death by your husband.

The make The Flintstones era seem modern and developed. Ugh.

X-Men: First Class


Loved the show. Not all superhero shows usually pull it off. Even the 3rd show of the X-Men series ain’t that good. This one don’t have much twist to the story but somehow, it kinda keeps your mind and attention on the movie at all times.

It’s cool to see Professor X with hair. Not to mention a rather tall and lean Magneto, compared to the usual slightly stunted one in the previous X-Men shows. Wolverine made a short and cute cameo appearance. Damn, did he make the whole audience laugh.

Two ‘things’ to look out for in the show:

20110608-010621.jpgJames McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier. Literally don’t find him cute at the beginning of the show. But somehow, somewhere in the middle, he just started getting more and more attractive. By the end of the show, it’s in my mind, “Professor X is so cute with hair!’. Must be his charm that made him attractive then, no? =)

20110608-011301.jpgLucas Till as Alex Summers. Yup. The eye candy from Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ music video. All I can say is, he is still very drool-worthy in this show. Period.