X-Men: First Class


Loved the show. Not all superhero shows usually pull it off. Even the 3rd show of the X-Men series ain’t that good. This one don’t have much twist to the story but somehow, it kinda keeps your mind and attention on the movie at all times.

It’s cool to see Professor X with hair. Not to mention a rather tall and lean Magneto, compared to the usual slightly stunted one in the previous X-Men shows. Wolverine made a short and cute cameo appearance. Damn, did he make the whole audience laugh.

Two ‘things’ to look out for in the show:

20110608-010621.jpgJames McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier. Literally don’t find him cute at the beginning of the show. But somehow, somewhere in the middle, he just started getting more and more attractive. By the end of the show, it’s in my mind, “Professor X is so cute with hair!’. Must be his charm that made him attractive then, no? =)

20110608-011301.jpgLucas Till as Alex Summers. Yup. The eye candy from Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ music video. All I can say is, he is still very drool-worthy in this show. Period.


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