The (Ridiculous) Obedient Wives Club

The country has gone international, for the wrong reason again. Just when I thought nothing could amuse me anymore, boom! The Obedient Wives Club sprouted. Till now, I still have speechless moments when someone mention the topic of The Obedient Wives Club. It has made even The Washington Post to publish this article in their newspaper. Such embarrassment. Now we’re the joke of the world again. Am still having difficulty trying to comprehend the mentality of these women. Ridiculous. I can’t even describe it.

NOW they blame it on the ‘disobedient wives’ for ‘upheaval in this world’?! And the words coming from a woman herself!? WTF?!

And then they accuse the women for not welcoming their husbands home with ‘alluring smiles and sexy dressing’. That is seriously a diarrhea in their brains. To blame and degrade your own gender. It’s the 2011 year, ladies. What year do you think you are living in ? 0011?

Something even more mind-blowing when I read this news article on The Star newspaper. It literally made my jaw drop, in a really bad way.

According to them, you still have to submit to your husband even if he cheats on you, or even worse, abuses you. Wow. Seriously? Yeah, sure. Am sure you’ll go to heaven, though much earlier than you are supposed to, cause maybe you’ll be abused to death by your husband.

The make The Flintstones era seem modern and developed. Ugh.


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