Coins’ Facelift

Our Malaysian government has decided to come out with a new set coins. Our old coins of about 20 years will slowly phase out. The new 50 cents and 20 cents coins will be in  yellow-ish colour while the 10 cents and 5 cents coins will remain silver. Differences in sizes and colours as shown below.Latent images and indentations on the new coins are supposed to improve the security features and prevent counterfeiting. They are also supposed to be smaller and lighter than those they are replacing. The designs on the edges of the coins are supposed to make it easier for the visually impaired to distinguish the different denominations. The new coins are expected to be released for public use next year.There have been mixed reviews regarding this issue. Wonder if there’ll be a big ‘hoo-ha’ over it.

Though, am still wondering, how can smaller sizes help make differentiating the coins easier. From the picture, looks like the new 20 cents and 50 cents are about the same size. Actually, looks like there is really very slight difference in the sizes of the 50 cents, 20, cents, 10 cents and 5 cents coins comparative to the current old ones. And the colours, really? =.=” Can’t help but wonder, what’s the main purpose of all these fuss. Hhmmm.

Eye Infection

20110726-105851.jpgFinally. Went to see the doctor. Just came back. Apparently my right eye has some ‘con-something’ which I forgot what the doctor said. Also pretty infected. Hence, am given antibiotic eye-drops. Drip into eye every 2 hours. Then the colourful antibiotic tablets, 3 times a day. There’s also medicine to reduce itchiness. Am hoping to goodness sake that my eye recover fast. So that when I put the eyeliner on, I won’t screw up the fierce hot eyes simply cause one side of my eyes is reddish and hence grew smaller. *fingers crossed* Hopefully, I’ll be able to wear my contacts tomorrow night for Sh’Bam. Hhmmm.

Where We Stood


“It used to be the two of us. Now I’m left standing all alone.”

Went to the Beow Hiang Lim temple to pay respect to daddy today. Its his death anniversary in the lunar calendar. Went with mum. And suddenly, when I stood at the place daddy and I used to stand, where he’d show me the Penang Hill funicular train, loneliness crept in. The feeling of mum and me  being left all alone in the world by daddy. Blink of an eye, its been 9 years since daddy left. Sometimes, it still feels like it was just yesterday. But never a day passes that I don’t miss him. The feeling of loss. The father-daughter bond that is forever gone. Thinking back, that tragedy of losing daddy has left a big impact on me. One of it being emotional eating. *snickers at self* Not to mention the many fears it created in me since then. I really miss my daddy, a lot. Being his princess. Sometimes, I even think, daddy is the only one who thinks I’m perfect. Can’t really remember how he sounded like anymore. Heart ain’t feeling too well now.

Double Smile

It always puts a smile on my face when I meet friends that I haven’t seen or met or chatted for a long long time. Today, it was a double smile for me. Haha. Big surprise when I saw Paul Chan walking around in gym. Paul Chan, old church friend whom I haven’t met since I was 16 with the exception of brief glimpses when I was at Gurney Plaza. Said hi and greeted each other just now. We were never good friends. Not even close. Just normal hi and bye friends. But it felt good meeting old friends.

Then there’s good old Seng Giap. We used to chat till the cows come home. On MSN or even on the phone. Record was, I think, from 10pm at night till bout 2am in the morning. We literally chatted bout every single damn thing last time. But then we kinda stopped after we entered university. Had a real good long chat with him tonight. Kinda miss talking to him. Thank God for Whatsapp, I guess. =)

Ruco Chan In ‘The Other Truth’

Currently watching this TVB drama series about lawyers. Have always been a fan of detectives, lawyers or forensic movies. So naturally, I really like this series. But I didn’t expect to find myself attracted to this particular actor. He’s been in a lot of TVB dramas, but never as one of the main characters.

Now in this series, portraying the cool, clean-cut, middle-age lawyer, Keith Lau, Ruco Chan has gain a lot of new fans. Even I, myself have started to find him really attractive, with a little pinch of sexiness. Hope he gets to portray more characters like he did in this drama series. Haha!

Valuable Lesson : The Eyeliner

After purchasing my first ever eyeliner more than 4 months ago, I finally learnt how to apply eye-liner this past weekend. Major thanks to Kerry. If she hadn’t applied it for me the first time at gym on Saturday afternoon, I wouldn’t have the guts to apply it at all. Now I’ve already applied it myself twice and received many compliments on my eyes. Hee! I have to say, am really surprised how ‘alive’ the eyeliner made my eyes look. Fierce and hot! Don’t think from today onwards, I can live witout an eyeliner. LOL! I can officially declare now: I LOVE EYELINER! =)