10 To 1

Came across this on Cherrie’s blog. Though it’d be pretty cool to do it as well. 10 days. It’s gonna be a challenge. Sometimes, I just get so lazy to go online. Even so, I’ll try update it with my iPhone. Hee! The beauty of iPhone. =D

So, it goes like this. For the next 10 days, I’ll be posting stuff, according to this so-called ‘items list’, as written below.

Day 1 : 10 things you wanted/want to be when you’re older
Day 2 : 9 things you can’t live without
Day 3 : 8 places you want to visit
Day 4 : 7 people who inspire you, and why?
Day 5 : 6 of your favourite quotes or sayings
Day 6 : 5 things you can eat everyday
Day 7 : 4  songs that describe your life right now
Day 8 : 3 favourite cartoon characters
Day 9 : 2 movies you absolutely love
Day 10 : 1 quote that describes your life right now

10 day challenge, let it begin!


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