Day 2 : 9 Things You Can’t Live Without

Day 1 : 10 things you wanted/want to be when you’re older
Day 2 : 9 things you can’t live without
Day 3 : 8 places you want to visit
Day 4 : 7 people who inspire you, and why?
Day 5 : 6 of your favourite quotes or sayings
Day 6 : 5 things you can eat everyday
Day 7 : 4  songs that describe your life right now
Day 8 : 3 favourite cartoon characters
Day 9 : 2 movies you absolutely love
Day 10 : 1 quote that describes your life right now

1. God’s love and grace

2. Mum, definately

3. My close friends. I am a person who needs my friends.

4. My iPhone! Seriously, can’t go anywhere without it. Actually, must have it with me even at home. TeeHee!

5. Lip gloss, baby! xoxo!

6. My hot chocolate drink. Calories yes, but life saver during ‘crash times’. 🙂

7. Music. How can anybody survive without music???

8. My comfy hoodies! What would I do without them?!

9. Rice. Yup, I can’t survive without rice.


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