Flip That Hair~!

Finally. Today when I tied my hair back, I can feel it touching my neck. Which only means one thing. My hair has grown longer! It seems to take so damn long to even grow a bit. Now hopefully, it will grow longer faster. Not that I don’t like my short shoulder length hair, but, after a while, it just gets boring. I can’t go anything to it. Somehow, when I see other girls with long hair now, I wished I had that long a hair. But then again, when my hair grow long, who knows, I may get bored and wanna cute it again. Girls. Typically fickle-minded at times. 🙂 But above all, I just hope I have healthy sexy hair. According to the Cleo Hair & Beauty mini booklet this month… People with oblong shaped faces, meaning like mine, are suitable for short or medium length hair. However, it musn’t be too short or too long. Gentle waves are good, apparently. And having bangs are recommended too. They also said centre partings will look good on oblong faces. But, ugh, I haven’t done centre parting for ages! Hhmmm.. Nvm, will keep these guidelines in mind while I start changing myself. Hah!


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