Double Smile

It always puts a smile on my face when I meet friends that I haven’t seen or met or chatted for a long long time. Today, it was a double smile for me. Haha. Big surprise when I saw Paul Chan walking around in gym. Paul Chan, old church friend whom I haven’t met since I was 16 with the exception of brief glimpses when I was at Gurney Plaza. Said hi and greeted each other just now. We were never good friends. Not even close. Just normal hi and bye friends. But it felt good meeting old friends.

Then there’s good old Seng Giap. We used to chat till the cows come home. On MSN or even on the phone. Record was, I think, from 10pm at night till bout 2am in the morning. We literally chatted bout every single damn thing last time. But then we kinda stopped after we entered university. Had a real good long chat with him tonight. Kinda miss talking to him. Thank God for Whatsapp, I guess. =)


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