Where We Stood


“It used to be the two of us. Now I’m left standing all alone.”

Went to the Beow Hiang Lim temple to pay respect to daddy today. Its his death anniversary in the lunar calendar. Went with mum. And suddenly, when I stood at the place daddy and I used to stand, where he’d show me the Penang Hill funicular train, loneliness crept in. The feeling of mum and me  being left all alone in the world by daddy. Blink of an eye, its been 9 years since daddy left. Sometimes, it still feels like it was just yesterday. But never a day passes that I don’t miss him. The feeling of loss. The father-daughter bond that is forever gone. Thinking back, that tragedy of losing daddy has left a big impact on me. One of it being emotional eating. *snickers at self* Not to mention the many fears it created in me since then. I really miss my daddy, a lot. Being his princess. Sometimes, I even think, daddy is the only one who thinks I’m perfect. Can’t really remember how he sounded like anymore. Heart ain’t feeling too well now.


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