Coins’ Facelift

Our Malaysian government has decided to come out with a new set coins. Our old coins of about 20 years will slowly phase out. The new 50 cents and 20 cents coins will be in  yellow-ish colour while the 10 cents and 5 cents coins will remain silver. Differences in sizes and colours as shown below.Latent images and indentations on the new coins are supposed to improve the security features and prevent counterfeiting. They are also supposed to be smaller and lighter than those they are replacing. The designs on the edges of the coins are supposed to make it easier for the visually impaired to distinguish the different denominations. The new coins are expected to be released for public use next year.There have been mixed reviews regarding this issue. Wonder if there’ll be a big ‘hoo-ha’ over it.

Though, am still wondering, how can smaller sizes help make differentiating the coins easier. From the picture, looks like the new 20 cents and 50 cents are about the same size. Actually, looks like there is really very slight difference in the sizes of the 50 cents, 20, cents, 10 cents and 5 cents coins comparative to the current old ones. And the colours, really? =.=” Can’t help but wonder, what’s the main purpose of all these fuss. Hhmmm.


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