3 New Interests

Lately, been developing interest in 3 new hobbies. Well, erm, they’re not exactly new I guess. Two of them aren’t anyway. Think gonna take them up for real this time.

1) Photography
Have always been interested in that. Actually, was snapping a lot of pictures and planning to go professional until I suddenly got my iPhone. Started using the iPhone camera. Started being lazy to take out my nice digital camera. And so, for the past few months, this hobby kinda died. Done a little thinking, and maybe, I’ll pick it up this time for good. Plan the everything, start saving to get a DSLR camera, find out business rates in this field, etc etc. Am planning to turn hobby into part time job. Great idea right? =)

2) Swimming.
Have always loved swimming. Used to do it so often during my undergrad days. But since then, haven’t really touched the pool at all. Wonder if I still can remember how to swim. Hah! Anyways, got a new swimsuit, new goggles. So yeah, pretty much ready to jump into the pool anytime. Problem ? Its raining season now!!! Already postponed swimming twice! =.=”

3) Bowling (Now, this is new)
Considering he is a professional bowler, dad used to wish I like to bowl like him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the interest last time. But lately, I’ve been bowling quite a lot, relatively speaking of course. And I’ve started to like the game. Hopefully I can keep this up. Tough, this is quite an expensive hobby to take up. =S


The man who changed my music life. Steve Jobs. 

News came out today that he’s retiring. According to PCMag.com, Jobs had to retire due to health problems. Will his quitting make a dent on Apple’s business? Everybody is wondering if business will be affected. Whether new CEO, Tim Cook, can live up to expectations and fill his predecessor’s big shoes.

Nobody can deny, Steve Jobs is the mastermind of Apple. Without him, Apple won’t be able to make it to its current status in the world of technology. All these products, the iPods, the iPhones, the iPads, the Mac notebooks, and many others, have changed the world of many. I myself can’t really survive without my iPod Touch and iPhone. It just revolutionize the ‘music & social gadgets’ industry. I daresay, anybody who start using any Apple products will not settle for anything else from the day they touch any of the devices.

So what’s gonna happen now that Steve Jobs is gone from Apple? Its been the talk of the world for the past 24 hours.

A Little FB Fun

I’m having some fun ideas for my FaceBook profile pictures. Hhmmm. Can’t wait to try them out. Been on my mind for more than 2 weeks already, but am feeling a bit lazy to carry it out. =) Fingers crossed I’ll be able to do it soon. Nothing big. Just something for my own amusement. Something simple, but just for fun. =)