Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo. Went and watch this show with Chris last Wednesday. Didn’t expect much from this movie at first, but it was quite an entertaining show. At least I liked it. Guess I’m a sucker for chick flicks. Hee!

Typical chick flick. Cute guys on screen, warmed the heart, cheesy story-line, feel good show, puts a smile on your face. Think I’ve seen quite a number of shows where two people from two totally different background, with the same face switch roles or something like that. One of my favourite is Disney’s ‘Model Behaviour’ starring Justin Timberlake. Hilarious and sweet and romantic. Really nice show. And somehow, to me, story-lines like these never wear me out. I guess that’s the beauty of chick flicks. Had to say, didn’t really like Selena Gomez, but she’s pretty cute in this show. Though prefer her as the girl-next-door, Grace (above) than the heiress, Cordelia (below).Her role as Cordelia was pretty hilarious. The slang, the air of snobbishness, the high-and-mighty attitude. I’d have to say, pretty good job. Haha. Paris Hilton would be put to shame.

I didn’t really check up on the synopsis of this movie before watching it. So it came as a surprise when I saw Cory Monteith, aka Finn Hudson from Glee, come on screen as Owen.

He looked a bit rugged and dirty here. Think I prefer seeing him as the clean-cut Finn Hudson in Glee. Although, he was never my favourite character in that musical series. =)

But the main cutie is a certain Pierre Boulanger. Playing the role of Theo, son of philanthropist hosting heiress Cordelia, who in the beginning thinks she’s a snobby brat but falls in love with her in the end, just to find out, she’s not Cordelia, but instead is girl-next-door Grace! Haha! Never heard of him, never seen him. Or maybe I just didn’t notice him last time. But damn, in this show, I think he’s the cutest of them all. The eyes, and the hair. But nothing compares to the accent. The sexy accent that he has. Melts. Haha.

Few outcomes of this show. One, I’m starting to think Selena Gomez ain’t that bad afterall. Two, I wanna visit Monte Carlo someday. Its beautiful! Three, I realize need a cute guy, real bad. =)


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