Neway With The Girls

Hung out with the girls today. Feels good. It’s been a while since I had so much laugh with my old friends. How I missed those times.


Neway karaoke was fun. Crazy songs, emo songs, Korean songs (courtesy of Denise). As usual, I’m always introduced to new songs whenever I go singing with Pei. This time, the song is titled “I Just Had Sex”. Nope. I’m not kidding. Claire, Denise and myself just can’t stop laughing. Then I had my fair share in bugging Pei and Denise with songs by, none other than the one and only, Justin Bieber! It was hilarious. We even had lost of boyband moments.

Best of all was our cam-whoring session. Priceless. Nuff’ said. =)

Time with the girls always leaves me feeling great. They’ve seen my good moments, bad moments and crazy moments. These are the peeps who accept me for who I am. These peeps won’t have me replaced if they find another new friend. Love them to bits. And miss those who aren’t back yet. =)


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