The Much Missed Glass Of Tea

Its nearly 2am late Tues night/early Wed morning. Not tipsy but slightly blur. But just gotta blog before hitting the bed.

Went for a late night Long Island Tea at B.E.D. Feeling bit crappy. Laptop died. The boyfriend paranoid. Pushed my emotions to the edge. The mum moody. Sucked at PT. Stamina crashed during BodyStep. Summary, had a bad day and feeling extremely bad bout myself.

But the drink and company tonight made me feel better. Not cause my problems were solved or bad feelings for the day vanished. But, for the first time in a long time, I actually felt like things are back to normal. In this aspect, some warmth just crept back into the cold heart. =)

At least there’s one good feeling today. Good enough to temporarily cover the bad ones, just for tonight, and give me a good sleep. =)



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