Finally got my new lappie~! Woot! Finally I get to blog. Though I have to camp at Starbucks to use the line since the Maxis Broadband I have at home sucks like shit. But still, haha! I’ve finally got my new precious.


Sleek, big and nice. I’ve always had a certain liking towards big laptops. Looks more classy, no? Haha. Always felt that small ones look so unprofessional. Just saying. =) Omg, I just love my new lappie.


And when I saw the keyboard, I was like ‘Whoa!’, what the heck! Its like the computer keyboard! With the extra numbers keys at the side! Awesomizing!

20110815-104849.jpgCan’t wait to get everything transferred and installed. 1st thing I have to settle, my music. No music, no work. =)


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