Day Out With Alex, Christine, Ben & Karen

What a surprise I got today. Am glad I made the choice to join them for lunch. At least for a few hours, I actually felt stable. A really late but crazy and fun lunch at Four Seasons Tea House. We had soup, Mamek Chicken, some kinda pork thingy, toufu, NESTUM SQUID (yummy nestum), Steam Lemon Fish, mixed veggies and Oyster Sauce Noodles. Damn satisfying. Then head to QBM for a 4 hour concert session. Awesomizing. Eating, singing and chatting. However, can’t make it in time for BodyStep. Oh well.

But the best was the gift from Christine. A gift from the heart. I never expected it. At all. And its so nice. A pink star and a green Angry Bird piggy!

20110817-035339.jpgIt’s amazing how a small action of care and thought goes such a long way. =) Truly touched.


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