Watched this a week back. Was feeling kinda moody. Saw it playing in one of the DVD shops and decided to purchase it. Pretty much a kids’ show. Typical storyline.  BUT, its a feel good show. For me that is. A show to just watch and relax and not use your brains. Haha! How can anyone resist Easter bunnies right?

Cute, adorable characters. Funny lines. Everything is bright and colourful. It is just so…….. over-spilling with happiness? Eerrr.. Someting like that. =) What I like most though, is the songs in the movies. They use all the famous radio-playing songs. Literally. There’s Dynamite by Taio Cruz. And the one that puts the biggest grin on my face, Candy by Aaron Carter. Yup, the one that goes “I want candy!” Haha! Though its sung by the characters in the movie, and not Aaron Carter himself (thank goodness!).

E.B., the main animated character is really good at ‘drama-ing’. The way he dramatize everything whenever he’s gonna be rejected or thrown out is just ‘eye-rolling’ hilarious! And pooping jelly beans is really a stroke of genius by the scriptwriter. Disgusting stroke of genius. Now I’m gonna think twice before taking any jelly beans.

A pleasant surprise is the main human character in this movie. None other than Mr. Cyclops from X-Men himself, James Marsden.Goofy as he is in this show, the smile on his face is still so damn charming. Did a pretty good job being goofy, I’d have to say. Though, I still prefer him as the cool and smart Cyclops.Pretty hawt, ain’t he? =) But in HOP, a smiling and more laid back character is portrayed. Am not complaining. I still find him pretty cute.

I can’t help but rolled my eyes when I saw David Hasselhoff in the movie. Playing himself, as a talent show judge in this movie, I really think he should just stick with America’ Got Talent. Really, I don’t get what he says at all in this show. It just barely makes any sense. Though maybe, it’s the scriptwriter’s fault for giving him the lines? Hhmmm.

They even have something like Charlie’s Angels in HOP. Except that, instead of humans, they’re bunnies. Three female bunnies, train to be spies and all that.And they’re called, the Pink Berets. Yup, Pink Berets. Be warned. Don’t be fooled by their name. =P

One thing to look out for in this show though, is the little chick here.I call him the dancing chick. Cute to the max! He just can’t stop dancing the minute he hears music.

Am glad I actually bought this show. For even though, its not one of those blockbuster movies, but its a movie that can be watched again and again. Something like, a family show. =)


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