Captain America : The First Avenger

Finally. I got to watch this show. I’ve heard of friends who said it is pretty kiddish. But in my opinion, I find it as entertaining as Fantastic Four or Iron Man. It really ain’t that bad.

I like the scene and time this movie is set in. It’s the kind that, to me, can sort of absorb you into a world of comic fantasy. Pretty girls with fixed wave on their hair, guys in army attire, dancing in the old time pub, etc etc. Set in the 1940s, I’m amused though at some of the technologies shown in the show. Some really looks even way too modern for the 20th century, let alone the 1940s! Though, of course, its a movie. Anything can be and anything can happen. =P

It’s a known fact that Chris Evans is the main character. But what caught me by surprise it when Hugo Weaving appeared on screen as Johann Schmidt. A bit disappointed seeing him as the bad evil Schmidt. The red skull-like face really do him no justice, though it is perfect for the character in the movie. Freaky, I’d say. No doubt I’d rather look at him with his ‘skin’ on rather than in this freaky red skull. I’d still much prefer him as the smart and calm Elrond in Lord of the Rings. Long hair, stern, pleasant faced. Much much better ain’t it? =)

I’m always amazed by how powerful technology is nowadays. It can turn someone who actually in reality looks like this…into something like this on screen…Amazing. =)

One thing that caught my attention was the ‘scientist’ on Captain America’s side. Played by Dominic Cooper, the character Howard Stark struck a familiar chord in my mind. Isn’t Howard Stark the father of Iron Man, Tony Stark? So Iron Man’s father worked for Captain America in his younger days ? Wow!


3 thoughts on “Captain America : The First Avenger

  1. Yes! I was so busy looking up the inter-related plots between all the super hero movies & all those people who were initially cast for the roles after watching this! Haha!

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