The Smurfs

Finally, watched the whole show from beginning till end. Took me twice. Haha. Though, never regretted it. It’s a real feel-good show. And I can foresee, its gonna be something I’ll buy, keep and watch it time and again when I’m feeling down. Lol.

Though the storyline is a little typical, nonetheless, it keeps you entertained. Did not waste my effort anticipating this show for nearly two months before it was released here. Haha.

Main human character, Neil Patrick Harris, looks really familiar though I can’t place him in my memory as to which movie I’ve seen him in. It was until I searched for him did I realize, he’s the blind teacher in the movie Beastly. Did a good job. Won’t call him good looking, but there’s a little something about him, though I can’t put my finger to what it is.

Good to see Jayma Mays here. I’ve only known her from Glee. Not that I particularly liked her, but she does have this pure, sweet and innocent look. 

And there’s this thing about the way she speaks. She has this accent. I don’t know what. It’s just something different. Weird as it is, I actually like it.

One of my favourite part of the show is how Gargamel (Hank Azaria) likes to ‘appear mysteriously from smoky places’. Any smoky place or vapour place or steamy place, dear ‘drama-king’ Gargamel will turn back and walk through it supposedly ‘mysteriously’. One word came into my mind. Bimbo. Haha. Though its cool how different Hank Azaria looks normally compared to as Gargamel (above). Can’t really recognize him eh? Credits to the make-up artists. =)

Another amusing character, Narator Smurf. Very small role. But, damn, I’ll burst out laughing when I hear him narrate. Specially during the end when it’s exciting, and he’s still narrating in that calm, story-telling voice of his.

Favourite Smurf? I like all of them. But somehow, Grouchy makes an impression. Hee!Favourite character in the entire movie? Azreal. Nobody beats it. Splendid! Simple splendid. =)

And the best annoying part of watching this movie is, I get annoyingly addicted to this. 

La la lalalala, sing a happy song! La la lalalala, smurf the whole day long!

Johnny English Reborn

Never really been a fan or Rowan Atkinson. Actually, make that, never a fan of Rowan Atkinson. I used to think his comedy series Mr. Bean is kinda dumb and retard. No offence. So was a little reluctant to watch this show. However, some friends told me its actually worth the watch in the cinema. Doubtful as I am, I decided to give it a try.

Thank God, it wasn’t the disappointment I expected. Not to say that it is a splendid comedy. But at least, it is proper. Not erm, senseless humour. Had to say my favourite part was how Atkinson played the ‘I have wisdom’ part so nonchalantly, how he battled the speed and agility of the chinese guy who tried to escape with simple wisdom. That part was a real ‘haha’. Nonetheless, Atkinson always has a way to make his moves awkwardly not-normal. Not to say anything, but his kick looks weirdly funny right? Think BodyCombat instructor ChePeow would call this a ‘push kick’. Haha. *pun intended* And amazingly, he defeated this young and fit chinese fella with moves like that. Haha. But overall, I won’t say its a fantastically nice show, but at least I don’t find it a waste of time. And its good for a good laugh. =) (Much better than Mr. Bean. TeeHee!)

Amazes me that Atkinson can actually look pretty presentable and normal. Cause 95% of the time, he usually looks kinda retard.  Given her age, I thought Gillian Anderson looks pretty stunning here.Stylish and classy. And in my opinion, she suits brunette better than blonde. =)

The other ‘English girl’ in the movie is Rosamund Pike. Needless to say, she is pretty. Really pretty if you ask me. Sweet with a touch of sexiness. Nice. Haha.

*Smiles* Satisfied.

Guess I can still be a little childlike when it comes to certain stuff, like discovering something new and interesting or exciting. The excitement I experience in new stuff, new dicovery. =) Glad we discovered it. It’s gonna be one of my favourites. Specially when I feel like going off radar for a while. =)

Love Or In Love?

What’s the difference between loving someone and being in love with them? Is it about the same? Totally different? People marry people whom they love, that’s for sure. But besides loving the person, do they have to be in love with them? Or is loving sufficient? Can you be in a relationship with someone you’re not in love with but yet you love them?

We love a lot of people in our life. Family, relatives, friends. But we’re only in love with the person we’re romantically attracted to. Right? So, can I say besides loving the person we’re having a relationship with, we gotta be in love with them? So what happens when you were in love with someone, but now you just love the person like you love someone close to you, but you’re no longer in love with them?

Relationship valid? Relationship invalid?

Best Friends

‘Bridesmaids’ had me thinking a little about my friends. Or rather best friends. And what it really means. For the fun of it, I went and search The Urban Dictionary for the definition of ‘best friends’. And here are some of the top definitions for it.Ok, maybe some definitions are a little dramatic. But the juice is there I guess. Not hard to understand. But there are also easier ways to understand the difference between a friend and a best friend. Simply put…Easier to understand now? Funny, yes. But can’t deny it’s quite true right? Haha!