Lunch @ Tree Monkey

Decided to take the girls who are back from all over to Tree Monkey for lunch on Monday. Seeing that its a long journey way past Hard Rock Hotel, we left at about 11.30AM. Reached there around 12.15PM, just in time for lunch. The hike up the short 10 metres was pretty tiring, as it always has been. The steepness of that road, seriously!

But for Tree Monkey, I guess, the short hike is always worth it. The atmosphere, the breeze, the ‘in-the-nature’ feeling, the view of the sea, the delicious Thai cuisine. Unforgettable. We actually saw monkeys and squirrels hoping from branch to branch. =)20110907-110727.jpg

Been missing the Pineapple Fried Rice and Tom Yum soup there. So I ordered a Pineapple Fried Rice and a personal Chicken Tom Yum Soup. Yummy! Looks good? Taste even better.

And naturally, in the cooling and comfortable surroundings, after finishing the yummy food, everyone is bound to laze around and just take in the view, breeze and all. We chilled there, just lazing around and cam-whoring for an hour after finishing our food. Its always fun hanging out with the girls, even when all we did was laze, chat and cam-whore.
20110907-110751.jpgOverall, we had a good 4 hours of lunch, including the travelling time. We even stopped by McDonalds for ice-cream sundaes. What more can I say? I love my girl pals! =)



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