She’s The Man

Watched this show a couple of years back. Liked it. Bought the DVD. Watched it every now and then. It is the kind of chick flick that I can never get bored of. Quirky, funny, sweet with a touch of romance, and a bunch of cute guys. The kind that I watch when I need an uplift in my mood. =)

I like it that they are able to turn Amanda Bynes, who played Viola Hastings, from a pretty girl to a guy (a slightly prim & proper looking guy). Yup, that’s exactly the same person. Pretty cool huh. This movie is about Viola Hastings who went to her brother’s school as a guy to get a place in the soccer team there. Amanda Bynes did an amazing job playing a girl imitating a guy. And she really looks like James Kirk, who played her twin brother in the movie, when she acted as the guy. Personally find James Kirk pretty cute in the show. However, when I tried searching for him on the net, I guess, a couple of years can do a whole lot of difference to a person. Haha.

But the real eye candy here is Channing Tatum. The so-called ‘prince charming’ of the show. Major hawtness. The same guy who acted in Step Up. Though I like him better here. The popular jock, who has a sensitive side. And its really hard for anyone who watch this show to miss his perfectly sculptured body, which is simply irresistible. My favourite quote from the show, comes from ‘Monique Valentine’, played by Alex Breckenridge. “Girls with asses like mine, do not talk to boys with faces like yours.” Splendid! Haha!

Have always liked watching Amanda Bynes’ shows. Somehow she has this natural, girl-next-door, beauty. Not the Hollywood glamour kind, but just the quirky and sweet typical girl. And usually, her movies are pretty feel good and entertaining. No regrets getting the DVD of this show. =)


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