BodyJam 58 & Sh’bam 5 Launch @ FS!

BodyJam 58 launch. Sh’bam 5 launch. Am actually glad now that they put the two dance base launches together. Cause it can really make a person high. Like pretty really high. Haha. Or maybe it’s just me. =P But damn, its so nice!

Wasn’t very excited about the 1st half of BodyJam. Maybe it takes time. But I LOVE the second half. The funk of Paris is so so so cool. The moves! Nice! Though overall, brilliant release. I still like it, cause I believe (hopefully), I’ll start to get in to the 1st half too. Haha!

And Sh’bam 5! My favourite tracks? Show Me How You Burlesque (yes, again! In BodyStep and in Sh’bam as well!) and Born This Way! Mega-awesome! I was so high during Born This Way, Chris actually said “OMG, look at her!”.. LOL! =.=”

It was all in all 2 awesome launches. =) BodyJam + Sh’bam launch is way cooler than BodyStep + BodyBalance. Though, I actually liked all 4. =P
20110915-115333.jpg The cam-whoring session was just as fun. Only problem is, Wendy’s husband took so many pictures for us, and only one could be used. Which is the one above. LOL.

And the few of us Jam regulars, also managed to grab a pic before leaving to shower. =) Beautiful night. =)



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