Love this show. Brought laughter. Brought tears (yes, tears too). Meaningful, relatable, (somewhat) realistic, funny and heart-warming. Great ingredients for a great show.

Kristen Wiig did a fairly good job, playing a lady whose life is pretty much in a mess. The slighty eccentricity when she’s high on Scotch is really convincing. Haha. Though, I’d have to say, she looked a little older in the movie. Older and more wrinkled. Maybe it was cause she was playing the role of a messed up person. O.O

Then there’s the blushing bride, played by Maya Rudolph.Never really found her pretty, but there’s just this something about her. =) Here, she plays Annie’s (Kristen Wiig) best friend who’s getting married. The story unfolds into a dramatic twist in friendships and love when Rose Byrne and Chris O’Dowd comes into picture. Pretty ‘pagent queen’ looking Rose Byrne fits nicely into the role of Helen, the other bridesmaid, who is trying to ruin and steal the bond between Annie and Lillian (Maya Rudolp). Byrne and Wiig make a pretty good comedy pair, I have to say. Haha.

And what would a movie be without a cute guy in it. Though, this time, I don’t think the guy is really physically that cute. But heck, do I love Chris O’Dowd’s accent. That British/Irish accent that he has. Really attracted by that in this show. Haha. I think for this show, they just throw in his character to make the movie complete. Cause the main juice of this show is actually the bond of friendships. However, love his character, officer Nathan Rhodes. Sweet, charming, helpful, a little shy, caring, and somewhat funnily cute. Character, pretty ‘ideal-ish’. Physical appearance, well, there’s still work to be done I guess. =P

Reason why I find it a great show to watch : Though most people will deny it, I believe deep down, almost all will find this movie highly relatable.


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