Night @ Sixty-9ine Mansion

It’s been a real long while more so many of us actually meet up together. Especially with Hoon and Seema. One in Singapore and the other busy running around Ipoh GH saving people. Haha. But it was a real good night out, with little hiccups here and there. Though it was for a short 2-3 hours, but it was time well-spent. Laughters, jokes and drinks. Hoon’s boy, Peter went as well. Met him for the first time. Really nice and pleasant guy. Haha. Good at cracking jokes too.

Sixty-9ine Mansion was kinda empty at first, considering its Halloween weekend. But the people started to arrive just as we were about to leave at 12 something. Heh. And when Denise and I arrive, we didn’t know there was cover charge for the night. They usually don’t have it. Just because it was Haloween weekend, we had to pay a cover charge of RM 20, and we get a free Tiger beer. Not exchangeable or ‘top up’-able for a cocktail. Stupid rules. Ugh. I don’t drink beer. Waste my money.

But all in all, it was a good time catching up with the girls, and boy. Haha. 🙂



I have this game called ‘Pet Hotel’ on my iPhone. Where you play and go up in levels and every time you build a new room, you get a new pet. I expected all kinds of pet. Except this.
20111030-235737.jpgImagine how I burst out laughing when I found out I’ve unlocked a ‘Dustin Beaver’. In a purple hoodie. And with that famous hairstyle. On a beaver.

Omg. And that is how famous this kid is.Justin Bieber. Lol!

It’s Nearly Time


There’s still this wrenching feeling in the heart. It’s not getting any better. If anything, it’s getting worse. I wonder when will it go away. Time will heal? I’m feeling like time is sleeping. I hope it won’t hibernate too long.

Playboy : Play It Sexy

Saw the advertisement for this fragrance by Playboy bout half a year ago on Cleo magazine. Fell in love with it immediately. Looks fun, cute, girlish and hot all rolled into one. There are three different fragrances in for this range. ‘Play It Lovely’, ‘Play It Sexy’ and ‘Play It Spicy’.

Last night at Gurney Plaza’s Guardian store, I finally spotted them being sold. Tried all three. Liked all three. But decided to get the ‘Play It Sexy’. Besides liking the name, loved the smell. Haha. If after using it, I find it really nice, I may just go back and buy the other 2 fragrances of this range. If not for the fragrances, I can get it solely for the bottles. They’re so cute! *big smiles*