Fright Night

Watched this movie with Chris and Alan last Wednesday night. Don’t love the show, but liked it. =) Though it was the company that made the night great. Haha.

Wasn’t too eager to watch the show at first, but after hearing Red FM promote it so much, it got me excited to watch it. Curious thing, advertisement is. Haha.

Think Colin Farrell fits perfectly into Jerry-the-vampire’s role. That smug, nonchalant attitude of his, coupled with the uncanny vibes he exudes, makes his vampire character pretty alluring. And I think he makes a pretty hunky vampy too. Body looks pretty hawt from certain angle. Lol.And the supposedly amature vampire slayer, Charlie, played by Anton Yelchin, is kinda cute, in a nerdy way. The curly hair, kinda skinny body (he looks a little buff in the poster, but in the movie, skinny. haha), the big eyes, all played to his advantage I guess. Though, I think he reminds me a little of Frodo Baggins from The Lord Of The Rings.Ya think? Haha

But funnily, don’t ask me why, the one who attracted my attention is David Tennant, who plays Peter Vincent, a Vegas performer in this movie. Nope, totally think he looks ridiculous here. But when he removes all his ‘props’ for his performance, I actually think he looks not bad. Haha.Quite hawt aye? Haha. His character is a pretty funny one. But towards the end, the act of courage turn the perception of his character around. And I think Tennant did a great job portraying the dramatic, but yet slightly lunatic, Peter Vincent. =)


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