I remember writing bout 3 new interests that I’ve developed around more than a month ago. The first, photography. Am still halfway through saving to get a proper DSLR. The third, bowling. Did that for a while, but then kinda grew out of it. Not really, but I can’t do it alone. And not everyone can accompany you everytime right ?

But the second one, I’ve just recently took up as a hobby cum workout routine. Swimming. Really good. Something I can do with friends. But yet, I can do alone. And prolly won’t get bored of. And watching some of the lifeguards swim makes me even more excited and determined to brush up my swimming skills and be as cool and ‘gaya’ as them. They looked so damn professionally attractive when they swim laps after laps with beautiful techniques. I find the freestyle stroke exceptionally attractive. Both guys and girls who can do it beautifully seems to be more ‘gaya’ than the rest.

Mission : To improve my stamina in swimming. Then to train and improve my techniques of freestyle stroke. Gonna be one of the ‘gaya’ people in the pool. =)


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