The Elf I Fell In Love With

So much stuff on my mind lately. Hence, I dug out the Lord Of The Rings trilogy to watch. Good movies always remove me from this world temporarily and bring me into the world of the show. The movie of all movies, or rather movie(s) of all movies, since its three shows : The Lord Of The Rings, The Two Towers, The Return Of The King. Never seem to get bored of them. Haha.

Though, gosh. I had forgotten how charming Orlando Bloom looked, as Legolas the elf. Him with his bow and arrows.Used to have this huge, huge crush on him when he acted as the elf in all three movies. LOL. So much so, when my mum bought the cannon printer, the free gifts I chose were the Legolas poster and Legolas t-shirt. No kidding. LOL. Those were the good younger days. Oh, how I miss them. =)


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