The Sorcerer And The White Snake

I seldom watch chinese shows, but I never miss a Jet Li or Jackie Chan movie. =) This show is quite entertaining. The humour in the dialogues are pretty funny at certain parts. Was surprised when I went to buy the ticket to see on the poster that Raymond Lam is in the show as well.

I have to say, dear old Jet Li looks like he put on a little weight in the movie. No to mention a little old? Actually, he looks much older than I last remember seeing him on screen. Hhmmm. I guess nobody escapes growing old. =)

And for the first time ever, in any movies, I see the ‘so-called’ snake demons being portrayed as looking so pretty, harmless and innocent. I think Charlene Choi and Eva Huang did a really good job as the Green Snake and the White Snake. Really good job. And they’re really pretty in this show. I used to think Charlene Choi looks a little childish all the time, but somehow, I think she looks sweet in this movie. Well, sweet with a cheeky side. =) And Eva Huang is just pretty. =)

Was kinda disappointed with Raymond Lam’s performance though. Not sure why, but just disappointed. It was just fairly average. He kinda paled in comparison to Jet Li, Eva Huang and Charlene Choi. Oh well. Big screen feels different for regular TVB dramas I guess. =P

But overall, quite a nice and entertaining show. Worth the watch.


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