God’s Timing

Just when I was on the verge of tears, my phone beeps. And there was an iMessage from Alan. I opened it and this pops up on the screen.
20111017-102917.jpgOne small note had an effect that made a difference. The tears was drawn back into the eyes and a small smile came to my face. Not that it made me feel loads better. But somehow, it just made me smile to see that message. And it warmed the heart.

That was followed by 3 more beeps and here’s what I received from him.



20111017-103028.jpgI won’t say it made me feel loads better. But it made me feel stronger at my weakest. It gave me the strength to stand up straight and walked out of Gurney Plaza with a small smile on my face. I replied Alan, ‘Your message couldn’t have come at a more better time.” He replied “In God’s timing my dear”. And I thought “It must be. Who else would know I was crashing at that very moment?”

I thank God for Alan and his iMessages.

God is amazing.


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