What’s Your Number ?

Been looking forward to this show for quite some time. Simple reason. Chris Evans is starring in it. Hah.

Real entertaining comedy. Not one of the best, but worth the watch in the cinema. Typical ‘I fell in love with you slowly without realizing’ story. However, I guess, viewers never get bored of stories like that. If it the show is good, that is. =)

Some lines near the end of the movie hit me right in the face though. Relatable. Hhmmm.

Was surprised that Anna Faris is the female lead here. As I said, I only focused on Chris Evans. So didn’t really take note as to who’s the female lead, until I watched it. Pretty cute. She fits perfectly in the ‘bimbo’ character kinda role. Haha. Effortlessly I might say. Did a great job. I rather like watching her. Gives you that slightly carefree feeling. Though, comparatively, I think she’s bout 10 times more bimbo-ish in House Bunny. Lol.Yes. Where she played a girl from the Playboy Mansion. Haha.

Chris Evans however, weren’t that attractive to me in this movie.Still as hot as ever. Yes. See? Lol. But somehow, maybe its the character he plays or something, he ain’t that attractive in this show. Oh well, still had a good eye-wash. *big smiles* And it was sweet when he sang with his guitar. =)

If you ask me, Evans is most attractive in Fantastic Four. Looks, character and all.


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