The Black Parade

This is one thing that no matter how many times you go through it, you’ll never get used to it. The solemn faces. The heavy hearts. The tears. The chanting of the monks. The stale air amidst that small talks that’s going around. You’ll never get used to it. With each one you live through, it adds on to the previous ones that passed. I’ve participated in about 8 of these. 8 black parades, 9 people lost. God-parents left together. Out of the 8, 4 were of people closest to me. And those four have already ripped apart some pieces of my heart. Dad, god-parents, koh mah and grandma. The other 4 are uncles and aunt, and the lastest one to the list, another grandma. Even though not too close to them, it somehow still leaves the heart feeling gripped. The feeling of the stomach and heart turned inside out.

Sigh. The black parade. Something nobody can ever get used to.

New Hair!

Went and straightened my hair a week ago. It’s really starting to get too ‘pong pong’ for my liking. Haha, So decided to straighten it and cut a slight cut. It was at the last minute that I decided to get some fringe. A week later, I’m still not too used to my hair. Many says its nicer than the old style cause looks younger and fresher and cuter. Still, I find it a little hard to manage. Haven’t had fringe for a long long time. Though, I’m quite happy to say, “I’ve got bangs now~!” =)

Cupcake Lip-gloss

Cousin Evelyn chi chi surprised me with a gift voucher from Groupon. Entitled to 6 lip-glosses in the form of cute little cupcakes. Love them. =) If given my own money, I won’t spend it on these cause am not working full time yet and its unwise to spend it on these things. But then, given as a gift, its so girly and cute, I love them.

Picked two ‘Butter’ flavoured, two ‘Chocolate’ flavoured and two ‘Strawberry’ flavoured. 🙂20111122-113252.jpg


Not really close to this grandma. But somehow, it don’t fee good, seeing your own grandma in this kinda situation. Feels so wrong, that she totally can’t recognize me. She just stares at me blankly when I call her. I thought just because am not close to her, it won’t affect me at all. But humans are humans. We have build-in compassion compartment in us. No matter what, we’ll somehow feel a little sad to see grandma in the current condition. But what affects me the most is the memories all these happenings bring back, of ‘koh mah’, the grandma that I’m close to. Sigh.