Paranormal Activity 3

First real horror show I watched since Devil, last year. Haha. Fright Night don’t really count cause it is part comedy. =)

Not really a fan of horror movies. But have been wanting to watch some lately. Guess I just wanna watch shows that can freak me out of something, and take my mind off a lot of things. Not to mention, movies that will make me cry at the end. Haha. So horror seems to be the only choice. Heh.

Watched this with Alan on Wednesday night after Sh’bam. Great way to end the night actually. Haha. Had a great time. Think he’s one of the best person to watch horror movie with. Fun watching with him. Though, still can’t believe he can laugh at the scary parts. Ou, and also laugh when I jump at every scary part. Ish. Haha. =P

I’d have to say though, Chloe Csengery & Jessica Tyler Brown did a great job as young Katie and Kristi.Especially Chloe Csengery. The innocence she had in her. The naivety. The sweet smile. But yet, the scary aura when she tells of secrets she has with ‘Toby’. Great work. For such a young kid.

Surprisingly, for such a low budget show, it ain’t bad. Not exceptionally good, but not bad at all. Had my attention for the entire show. At least I had the suspense, some hair raising moments and some laughs (courtesy of Alan, of course) throughout the movie.

However I have to say, this kinda filming kinda gives me the dizzy feeling by the time the show ends. I literally feel like throwing up. No kidding. Heh.


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