I’m starting to feel, the rich and famous in Hollywood sometime have got nothing better to do. Sorry for not feeling bad or be sympathetic about it, but really, what the heck?!72 days after this picture, Mrs. Humphries here, aka Miss Kardashian, filed for divorce. I actually find it amusing. Sure makes her looks like she take marriage as a game. I mean, not even trying to reconcile and all that? Its not even 3 months yet. And its not like she got married in Vegas after getting drunk. The wedding was so well-planned, it was one of the biggest even of the year. Comparable to Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton. I would have thought she must have been serious. At least make it last more than 3 months from a proper wedding. Hah.

Word is going around that it wall all just a gimmick for her upcoming new season of the Kardashian’s reality show. Some said she did it for the money. Hard to believe, but if you read on how much she earned from selling the wedding story alone, and coupled with the quickie divorce, then, you really can’t help but wonder, is it all for the money? I can imagine how much she will gain from the ‘exclusive’ divorce story that I’m sure will come soon. Heh.

Sigh, what a waste to a beautiful fairytale wedding. All I can say is, thank God Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton has got much more brains, plus a stronger love bond. *big smirk to Kim Kardashian*


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