Tower Heist

Watched this last week. Pretty good show. I guess a Ben Stiller show seldom goes wrong. =)

A little ridiculous, the plot is. Nevertheless, it ain’t the stupid or idiotic or ‘make no sense’ kind of ridiculous. So its actually a good watch. Though I still prefer Night At The Museum (Part 1).

They make a great group, if you asked me. *amused* And trying to break into a penthouse and rob it? Heh. Highly amusing.

Noticed Stiller looks noticeably older in this movie. Though it didn’t make him lose that humour charm he had in him. At 45, he still have that quirky thing going on. The ability to entertain and be funny without making an asshole out of himself. Haha. Not a crazy one, but have always been somewhat a fan of his shows. Scene to take note : When he smashed his boss’ precious car with a metal stick. Priceless. Wish I could do that sometime, someday, to someone who pisses me off. =P

Am not really used to seeing Eddie Murphy in a ‘bad-ass punk’ outlook. Took me bout 15-20 minutes before I realized who he actually is. Haha. I have to say though, didn’t really like this character in this show. Not until near the end of the show that is. He was more like himself towards the end, when he tried to rob the penthouse himself and was caught.

Not many females in this movie, except Tea Leoni, the FBI agent. She may not be young and hawt like Megan Fox, but, there’s something bout her. That gives me the feel that she’s kinda beautiful. Don’t know what though. =)

Would have loved if they show her and Stiller have an ending in the show. But it was kinda just left hanging. Oh well. =)


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