Proud To Be An 80’s Baby!

20111112-014109.jpgTrue to each and every word. And I kinda miss those times when we were a kid and just went out to the garden or park to play. No computers, not handphones, no gadgets distractions. Just simply healthy fun. I remember using cassettes to listen to songs, or to record songs I heard on the radio. I remember being really happy when daddy bought me my first walkman. He knew I love music and needed it everywhere I went. Which made me think. It’s a little sad, kids nowadays will never know the relation between these two things.I also remember setting up my VCR to record my shows for when I’m not home. Mostly awards shows with lots of singing and dancing. Britney, A1, BSB, N’Sync, Christina. Three words sum it all up : GOOD OLD TIMES.


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