Julie’s Farewell @ Hostie

Someone’s farewell is always a sad occasion. Though, the party mood will be on. That is, until when everyone’s about to leave. Then we’ll start to feel the sadness.

Its a funny thing, friendship is. It may just take a simple smile, or a casual ‘Hello’ to kick start the friendship. Can’t really remember how I started being friends with Julie. But somehow, we got along fine. The ‘cowboy party’ sometime ago did bring us closer. Both her and Suzanne. Julie will always come to me and say “Aahhh, haven’t seen you in a while! I miss you bright smile in gym!” if she hasn’t seen me for some time. And that always lights up the heart. Yeah, the heart.

Had a blast last night. Shots after shots, and cocktails after cocktails, I have to say, now, I kinda regretted it, cause my purse became much lighter. Ended up feeling really tipsy. And it was nice and caring of Garee to ask me to text him when am safely home. He’s always been super nice to me. Its amazing how a little care and concern can bring two friends a step closer. =)

We managed to get a little cam-whoring sessions squeezed in, between all the booze. Haha!

20111224-111357.jpgThe lovely ladies of FS~!

20111224-111414.jpgThe girls of CGL~!

Am really gonna miss having Julie around. Someone who really likes and appreciates me for who I am. Will try not to forget the last thing she told me while hugging me before I left Hostie. “Never ever let anyone change the way you are. You’re a great person!”


So Which Is More Dangerous?

Actions always speak louder than words.

BUT some damages caused by hurtful words are irreversible.

So which is worst?

There’s always a way to highlight someone’s mistakes. But taking the most drastic way is most likely a one way ticket.

People who knows which buttons to push that will hurt a person the most, have the power to destroy that person. So be careful when you let someone know which are your suicide buttons.

BodyJam 59, Sh’bam 6 & BodyStep 86 @ Fitness Studio

Love the new BodyJam, except for one particular ‘weird leg flick’ move. Specially love the second block. Nice songs. Nice moves. And then there’s the cool down. Purely sexy, and that’s exactly why I love it. Haha.

Sh’bam wasn’t a disappointment as well. Most of it ain’t bad. Though there were a few tracks like, Judas, that were a little anti-climax in comparison to the songs. But considering it has my favourite songs like Run The World, Danza Kuduro and Don’t Stop Believing, I’ll say that I kinda like the release this time. And the cool down, or at least the beginning part of the cool down, is really sexy too. And I love it. =) Though, I wonder how many times of this release I gotta do before getting bored. Not many, I’m sure. Haha. The downside of Sh’bam. =P

BodyStep on the other hand was quite disappointing. Choreo for most of the tracks are not bad, but the songs just don’t encourage the members to push harder. Pretty boring songs. Besides Party Rock Anthem, Run The World  and Poison, all three which I absolutely love, I practically don’t really like most of the other tracks. Especially the warm up songs. Heh.

Oh well. There’s always the good releases and the bad ones.

Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Finally here. Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The fourth movie in the Mission : Impossible series. For a moment, I thought my plans to watch the show was screwed up, seeing that I bought the tickets in the afternoon, but when I went to the cinema at night, I literally forgot to bring my purse. No ticket, no movie. In the end, decided to buy another ticket (on the first row cause that all that is left), but sat back the seats I bought in the afternoon. Kinda killed the mood for the show totally. Paying double, RM 22, to watch one show.

Nevertheless, the movie saved the day. It was much, and I mean, much much better than I had expected. The humour, the suspense, the twist, the plot. Really good. And entertaining. The characters in the movie have got real swag.

Gotta say, Tom Cruise, at his age, still looking so freaking damn good, succeeded in impressing me. People say, older guys looks more stable and attractive. I have to agree. Though, his darker look in this show is much more alluring to me. Dark and mysterious. Kinda sexy, no? =)

However, the character that I really like is Agent William Brandt.Not really good looking, not the star of the show. But somehow, something about William Brandt, played by Jeremy Renner, caught my attention. Maybe the fact that he’s secretly an agent before. Don’t know. But there’s just this canny feeling about him. And he got the, in my opinion, funniest scene of the entire movie. This scene is not to be missed. Actually, the preparation for this action and scenes before this action should not be missed. Haha.

Paula Patton did a good job as Agent Carter. Being able to switch her roles and attitude from a tough chick, like this…to a sexy fox like this…Amazing. And so beautiful, whether looking like the tough chick or the sexy fox. Haha.

Though not much screen time, Léa Seydoux is pretty much some of the scene stealer here. Even in the beginning of the movie, she caught my attention as the ‘ice queen’ assassin. And of all the stunts in Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol, I assume this one is the one that costs the most. Interesting. But am not particularly impressed. Hah!

However, would I watch the show again in the cinema? Yes. Would I still buy the DVD to keep and watch after that? YES. =)

Arthur Christmas

Watched this more than a week ago. To me, a ‘Christmas-feel’ show can never go wrong. At least not for me. Christmas being my favourite season of the year, I look forward to all the Christmas movie I can watch.

Arthur Christmas as I hoped, was full of laughter and heart-warming moments. I would definitely watch it again, even if it was in the middle of the year and no where near Christmas. Portraying the ‘Santa’ family as any normal family, makes it even closer to home. And making Santa and his elves updated with the latest technology, making full use of it is simply amusing. Though, personally, I like the idea of Santa on his sleigh with his reindeers more than on a high tech plane. =)

Favourite character of the show? Surprisingly, its Bryony, the elf from the Giftwrap Battalion. =)

Petaling Street Warriors

Singaporean movies are usually the only South East Asian movies that I’ll actually spend time watching. And I actually like most of them. Find them realistic, funny in our layman level and very relatable in our daily lives. Hence I didn’t wait a beat to say yes when Chris asked me if I wanna watch Petaling Street Warriors with him, Alex and Christine. Specially when it satrs Mark Lee.

Mark Lee. One of the very few actors who is totally, and I mean totally, not good looking, but yet I love watching. Haha. See what I mean by ‘totally not good looking’? But his shows are usually entertaining. Usually. This one ain’t bad. Though a little ridiculous at times. Can’t stop laughing about the plot where he has to wear a ‘leather/metal brace’ as an underwear to remain a virgin. Lol.

The female lead here, Yeo Yann Yann has what I call a commoner beauty. She looks kinda lady-next-door, but with a little something something here and there. Haha. Though, I’ll say, I don’t remember her boobs being that big in all the previous shows I watched. Enlargement? Just stuffed?

Hhmmm. Curious.

For me, local and new artiste, Wee Meng Chee, did a fantastic job, speaking like his tongue is a little ‘short’. Hilarious. Specially when coupled with his ‘I’m-too-cool-for-you’ look in the beginning of the show. Think he’s gonna be a rising star soon enough. =)

Overall, its a pretty entertaining show. A little ‘make not much realistic sense’ storyline. But hilarious lines and scenes. Typical Singaporean shows. Worth the money though. =)