Watched this sometime back. Pretty entertaining. Though, erm, something’s just not up to par. Can’t place my fingers where though. The story just seems kinda wrong. Heh. They made it seem like the Gods, except for Zeus, died in the end, which, if remembered correctly, Greek Gods don’t die. Hhmmm. Well, it is fiction, I guess.

Wasn’t particularly impressed by Theseus. His character is definitely above average. Though not fantastically captivating.Henry Cavill did a pretty decent job in this show, I have to say. Really like his speech before the battle. Heh. Moves the heart.

Though, I still very much prefer Aragon’s speech before the battle at Mordor, in Lord Of The Rings : The Return Of The King.Absolutely love this speech. I can still remember it, after so many years.

Was pretty disappointed with Zeus in this show. Being famous for his lightning bolt, there wasn’t even a single glimpse of it in Immortals. It was just pure hard combat. The only thing that attracted me to Luke Evans here is how he kinda resembles Orlando Bloom a little.
The curly hair, the moustache, sharp angled face. No? Haha. Though, Bloom is still hotter, me thinks. =)

The role of Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Strategy and Crafts, is even more disappointing to me than Zeus was. No offense to Isabel Lucas, but she was not cut out to take this role. Too scrawny and skinny, she looks too limp to be tough and smart. No wonder they nearly lost to the titans. Actually they kind of did, considering Zeus had to pull down the whole mountain to crash them all. Haha.

The bad guys. Titans and Minotaur. They’re just pathetic. Falls far from my expectations of how they would appear. The titans especially. Pure disappointment. I expected them to be somewhat more…… magnificent, though they may be bad. And the minotaur? Totally not scary. Sigh. I really expected a little more from the bad guys. Heh. Oh well.

However, everything considered, it is a pretty entertaining show. And Olympus looks absolutely beautiful. =)


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