Petaling Street Warriors

Singaporean movies are usually the only South East Asian movies that I’ll actually spend time watching. And I actually like most of them. Find them realistic, funny in our layman level and very relatable in our daily lives. Hence I didn’t wait a beat to say yes when Chris asked me if I wanna watch Petaling Street Warriors with him, Alex and Christine. Specially when it satrs Mark Lee.

Mark Lee. One of the very few actors who is totally, and I mean totally, not good looking, but yet I love watching. Haha. See what I mean by ‘totally not good looking’? But his shows are usually entertaining. Usually. This one ain’t bad. Though a little ridiculous at times. Can’t stop laughing about the plot where he has to wear a ‘leather/metal brace’ as an underwear to remain a virgin. Lol.

The female lead here, Yeo Yann Yann has what I call a commoner beauty. She looks kinda lady-next-door, but with a little something something here and there. Haha. Though, I’ll say, I don’t remember her boobs being that big in all the previous shows I watched. Enlargement? Just stuffed?

Hhmmm. Curious.

For me, local and new artiste, Wee Meng Chee, did a fantastic job, speaking like his tongue is a little ‘short’. Hilarious. Specially when coupled with his ‘I’m-too-cool-for-you’ look in the beginning of the show. Think he’s gonna be a rising star soon enough. =)

Overall, its a pretty entertaining show. A little ‘make not much realistic sense’ storyline. But hilarious lines and scenes. Typical Singaporean shows. Worth the money though. =)


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