BodyJam 59, Sh’bam 6 & BodyStep 86 @ Fitness Studio

Love the new BodyJam, except for one particular ‘weird leg flick’ move. Specially love the second block. Nice songs. Nice moves. And then there’s the cool down. Purely sexy, and that’s exactly why I love it. Haha.

Sh’bam wasn’t a disappointment as well. Most of it ain’t bad. Though there were a few tracks like, Judas, that were a little anti-climax in comparison to the songs. But considering it has my favourite songs like Run The World, Danza Kuduro and Don’t Stop Believing, I’ll say that I kinda like the release this time. And the cool down, or at least the beginning part of the cool down, is really sexy too. And I love it. =) Though, I wonder how many times of this release I gotta do before getting bored. Not many, I’m sure. Haha. The downside of Sh’bam. =P

BodyStep on the other hand was quite disappointing. Choreo for most of the tracks are not bad, but the songs just don’t encourage the members to push harder. Pretty boring songs. Besides Party Rock Anthem, Run The World  and Poison, all three which I absolutely love, I practically don’t really like most of the other tracks. Especially the warm up songs. Heh.

Oh well. There’s always the good releases and the bad ones.


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