MAdd Messenger

Was thoroughly blessed with the message preached by this speaker, Petia Wilson, from Auckland, New Zealand.
“I Am God’s Gift To Me.”
A sermon, I gotta keep reminding myself. Hit right at the heart. God knew I was going to PCC on that day. I believe it wasn’t by chance I heard that message. It was by the grace of God. And I’m glad He made me decide to walk into PCC on that day. Grateful to Rebecca who had extended the invitation to me.

Even his quick paintings, touched many hearts. Of the 3 he drew on that day, these two caught my heart.



They displayed many other pictures of his around the sanctuary. And as I was leaving the church, another picture caught my eye.

My Saviour, in His crown of thorns, before he was crucified. For me. For all mankind.


Staring at my ‘All Posts’ page. 3 drafts. After leaving them unfinished for so long, I just didn’t have the mood to write them anymore. Considering my mood during Christmas and New Year weren’t that great. But thank God for one of my bestie who’s back, my close friends and relatives who were around for the festive season. They made everything bearable and somewhat happier. =)

Since the 25th of October 2011, life’s been pretty haywire. No. It’s not on my face. But it is, inside. Kinda sad to say, some I expected to know, never saw it. The first two weeks after 25th were more bearable. Then things changed, and everything just seems worst. Really can’t blame anyone. Everyone has their own problems. But at least look deeper before pointing the finger. I didn’t mean to be inconsiderate.

Now I’m back. Step by step. I get back on my feet. The wounds, the cuts, the hurt, the regrets, the pain. It’s all still there. Every night, when I lay in my bed, they come creeping back. And I resort to watching drama series until I fall alseep on my laptop at 3-4am in the morning, or hit the liquors so I get so tipsy, the minute I lay on my bed, I’ll fall asleep without thinking. It’s madness. But step by step, I’ll get better. I believe. Or at least I’m praying every night that I will. =)

Hence, the drafts? Delete. And couple other things in life? Delete.