The Viral Factor

Watched this on Valentine’s Day with a friend. I have to say, it kinda exceeds my expectations. A 2 hour-plus show, and I never felt bored for even a minute. Not bad. Heh. What I like exceptionally bout this show is, its more like an ‘international’ show. Though the language of the show is stated as ‘Cantonese’, but in actual fact, there’s a mixture of English, Mandarin and Cantonese scenes. And surprise surprise, even a little Malay Language. Why??? Well, most parts of the show is filmed in Malaysia! THAT, really surprised me. Haha.

Kinda fell for Jay Chou in this movie though. Somehow. Someway. His cool good guy with an edge character is pretty alluring. I do somehow feel that he usually looks slightly chubbier in movies compared to his mtvs or anything in his music career. No? Haha! Still attracted though. Heh! =P

And behold, I nearly got a heart-attack when Nicholas Tse first appeared on screen. Never a fan of his. But I do think he’s not bad looking. Needless to say, it blew my mind when he first popped onto screen looking like this. Curly long messy hair. In an orange suit. Which happens to be the prisoners’ suit in Malaysia. Oh boy. Took me a couple of seconds before I’m done processing my mind that the guy in the orange suit is indeed Nicolas Tse. Haha. But he did an excellent job, playing the bad guy whom in actual fact, is really a good guy deep inside. So kudos to that. =) Though, really, I’d rather see him neat and nice and handsome. Aahhh. So much better for the eyes. Lol!

The plot is rather mediocre. Kinda typical and predictable actually. You can actually predict the ending 15-20 minutes into the show. Haha. But the action scenes made up for whatever’s lacking in the plot. One thing I’m sure almost everyone watching this movie will notice (especially if you’re a Malaysian) is the erm, ‘standard’ of the law-enforcements in the country where most of this movie is filmed. If you catch what I mean. Haha. Kinda embarrassing actually. Oh well. =P

Another thing that caught my attention and attracted me is the voice and accent of Andy On speaking English. Really, really nice! Love the way he speaks. And he’s pretty above average looking too.Sadly, he plays the bad guy. Like the actual, real bad guy. Baddest of them all. Haha. But still, love his voice and accent. Heh. =P


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