Black Ball

Ok. So I went to KL. Had only one night. Met up with Vic for a quick dessert and catch up. He took me to this place called ‘Black Ball’. My eyes went big for a split second when I heard the name of the shop. Maybe its cause Vic accidentally said ‘black ballS’ instead of ‘Black Ball’. Amazing how adding a ‘S’ to the end of the word can make a difference to how people interpret. You can imagine how we had a really good laugh. Haha.

The place is just a very simple shop in a row of shop-houses. Fully air-conditioned with cute little tables and nice chairs to sit on, Black Ball is quite a nice place to just sit, chill and chat. =)

We ordered the Black Ball Winter Melon Ice. I seldom eat desserts like that. But this one is so good, I actually finished one whole bowl by myself. Yes. It’s a wonder. Cause at most, I usually can only finish nearly half a bowl. What I like about it is that, it ain’t too sweet. It tastes more natural. Glad we decided to go to Black Ball instead of Snowflakes cause Snowflakes’ desserts are usually they typical sweet ones. So, Black Ball Winter Melon Ice? Yummy!


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