Whitney Meets Michael

Saw Ben sharing this on FaceBook. So hilarious, I just can’t help but blog it. Though, some may call it disrespectful or mean. But come on, this is just classic! Made my morning. Haha. I guess maybe that’s what happened in heaven the day Whitney passed away. Though I do wonder if its really heaven where they all met. If you catch my flow. Heh. Still, incredibly hilarious. Lol!

Belated Birthday Treat @ El Mondo E-Gate

This was another surprise I had. This time from Ben for lunch yesterday. Sweet. Haha. Totally unexpected as well. Not until the bill was paid and we were gonna split the bill did I find out, I don’t have to pay cause it’s a belated birthday treat. *beams* Had a nice chilling lunch with him and Karen at El Mondo. Catching up, laughing, crapping, sharing and of course, eating. Haha!

Food at El Mondo ain’t bad. I ordered the Oriental Chicken Chop set lunch.


Craving for chicken on that day. Lol. Really like the sauce of the chicken chop, though not the best I’ve eaten. I have to say though, the portion is slightly smaller than normal. But it still fills the stomach up. Heh. =) And what I like about it, it IS chicken chop, unlike some others I’ve tried that turn out to be more of a ‘flour chop’ than chicken chop. Lol. Love the carrot slices, so much so, I wondered if they’ve got only the carrot slices for sale. Heh. Hence, this dish? Not fantastically yummy, but pretty above average, if I’ve gotta rate it. =)

Then we ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza to share. I love it. Yummy. =)


First thing that tops the reasons is, it’s has thin crust. And is loaded with fillings. Would prefer if there was a little more pineapple, just a little more. But it’s still yummy. Heh. Love how am able to actually see and taste and chew proper chicken chunks from the pizza. Never really a fan of capsicums, but it blends in nicely for this pizza. I’d definitely go back for the pizza again some day. =)

Had a really good lunch with good company. Touched by the simple surprise treat. Made my morning moodiness disappear. =)

The Surprise Celebration

Well, kinda. Haha. Had a couple of treats from friends here and there. But nicest was the one I least expected on Saturday night, which was the one planned a week ago, when even I myself forgot that it will be my birthday eve when we all made the plans. Mich, Wei Yi, Chiet, Boo Leong and Denise really made my night. Truth be told, I didn’t expect any of them to remember, cause even I myself forget until about one or two days before it. Haha. Hence, thoroughly surprised when halfway through singing (I still remember this) Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, Mich & Wei Yi brought in the cake, Gaga vanished and was replaced by a cheesy version of ‘Happy Birthday’. Haha. Really touched by all of them. Think I actually turned a little pink then. Heh.

Was so surprised and caught off guard, I forgot to take a pic of the cake before I cut it. Hence, the lines on the cake. Haha. Chocolate Belgium Cheese. Yum! Of course, also touched by Boo Leong sponsoring the bottle of Chivas as well. Haha. And Chiet for bringing in the extra Coke and his backpack to put everything inside. Am amazed at how good Chiet and Denise are in Korean and Jap songs. And Boo Leong in Mandarin and Cantonese songs! Haha. Makes me feel now, I gotta widen my ‘songs to sing’ range. Lol.

20120328-124336.jpgAll in all, it was one fun night. Heart-felt thanks to all of them. I had a really great time. =)

Though, there’s another mini group who came and pick me from my house after the singing above, and I downed another bottle of Chivas with this other group. By the time am home, I had 3 hours of sleep before waking up to go church. Needless to say, I look a little stoned in church that morning. Haha!

26 on 25th.

Just past a quarter of a century old. Many different things for this year’s ‘my day’. First time riding solo 5-6 years. First time wasn’t really looking forward to the day. First time don’t feel like celebrating it at all. Heh. Ain’t sure if its cause I grew up, or just that too many things happened of late, and I just don’t have the mood for it. My bet is on the latter. Haha. But thank God for mum, some relatives, and few groups of friends who made it a happy occasion for me. At least, I can say, I enjoyed myself this birthday, even when I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Really hope that with this turning a year older thingy, and the vast difference of situations compared to the years past, it marks the start of something new. The start of turning my life around, and getting to greater heights, in more ways than one. Forgetting all the happenings of the past, specially the last couple of months, and moving forward. Forgiving and forgetting is two different things. But by God’s grace I hope I’m able to do both, as well as learning from my past mistakes and growing to be a better person. Won’t deny, I may still have my ‘bitchy moments’ at times, haha, but I’m just human. I’ll try. =) One thing I’ve learned, we all gotta learn to know how wish the best for ourselves, and not only learn how to wish others. Heh. =)

Here’s an awesome 26th to myself.
May my wishes and dreams start to unfold itself into reality, God willing. =)


Pleasantly surprised when Eleanor handed me this before BodyStep 87 launch. A little early birthday gift from her and Cynthia. Surprised she actually remembered, days before the actual day, cause it won’t be displayed on Facebook yet. And the fact that she remembered I like chocolate flavour, is just heart warming. Definitely one of the best examples of how a gift from the heart is what matters, and what counts. Home-baked chocolate muffins. One of the best tasted. Sure made my night. Really touched. 20120323-022505.jpg

Given how am feeling after the ‘lunch’, this little gift from the heart just made things feel a level better. =)

On a different note, am immensely surprised too, that Delon remembered my birthday. Heh. I mean if its coming from a good friend or close friend, I’d understand. But yes, even though we joked a lot in gym, Delon and I are just friends who get along fine. And him remembering my day, just warmed my heart too. =)