Ghost Rider : Spirit Of Vengence

Fairly disappointing. Especially when I’ve been looking forward to watch this since hearing news of the Ghost Rider sequel nearly a year ago. The plot, the effects, the characters, all didn’t really live up to expectations. Some funny loop-holes here and there.

Johnny Blaze, played by Nicholas Cage, over here seem a little lunatic in general. The moments when he looks absolutely ‘out-of-control looney’ kinda takes the coolness out of the character. Yup. That’s what I mean. Really prefer him in the first show. Even when he become the Ghost Rider, he still seems looney. 

See? =.=”

Even the Ghost Rider’s bike looks trashy here. Neh.
As compared to the bike in the first movie.Cool right? Mega cool.

The only part I liked about this movie is when the kid imagine how the Ghost Rider would pee. Ultimate flamethrower! LOL!


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