This Means War

Love this movie. Hilarious. Usually, action movies that has the comedy element in them turn out pretty lame to me. Not all the time, but usually. This Means War is one of the exceptions. I’ve always liked shows by Reese Witherspoon .

I always think she does better in those kind of roles that are the ‘smart-blonde’ type. You know, smart but can be a bimbo at times kinda role. But she’s pretty good here as well. Though I have to say, she looks REALLY old in this movie. Not to mention, kinda haggard in a couple of scenes. Her bubbly personality and chirpy voice can’t seem to cover that up. Hhmmm.

Love the plot of two spies who are besties, falling for the same girl. Using their spy methods to court a girl. What makes it all so splendid? It’s British vs American. Lol! Mr. British spy is played by the manly, hunky (or at least that’s how he looks in the movie) Tom Hardy.Love his accent! I always have a thing for British accent. Not those that are too heavy, but just slightly. Haha. I personally don’t think he’s good looking, but there’s just this something about him that attracts a person.

Then there’s Chris Pine, the smooth-talker ladies’ man, Mr. American spy. I actually like his character more. Someone who seems like a player, but deep down, has a real soft and sensitive side. Never a fan of him. And I think up front, he looks ‘bleh’. However, twist his head abit, 2/3 portraits of him looks kinda cute, as shown above. LOL! Well, I guess he’s got the looks that you can only see the cuteness at certain angles. Hehe.

And oh…Absolutely LOVE her shoes!


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