“Die Bitch!”

This is what I call real human. At least we know the person is genuine and true. A human with feelings. A human that can make mistakes, and realize their mistakes when the time comes. A person who is true to himself or herself. I won’t deny, I have my “die bitch!” moments. And I’m not saying its a good thing or even the right thing to do. But am just human. Some may call me childish for my outspokenness or directness. But, if I don’t like a person, I just avoid them as best I could or just confront them over whatever mattered. Though I know I have to try controlling my emotions and reducing my ‘die bitch’ moments. God help me. =)

It’s definitely WAY better than the people who are just pure fake. Pretend to be nice and holy and all that, but on the inside, its a whole total different feeling. People who always go around with that ‘holier than thou’ attitude. People who go around acting like they’ve never done any wrong in their life. Sucks to know people like that. We never know when they mean what they say, or whether the smile they flash us has a dagger hiding behind it. Heh.


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