Tick Tock =)

Less than 10 days to ‘my day’. =) Every year, I’d look forward to this day. Every year, I’d look forward to celebrate it. But this year, I just want the day to be a happy day. Nothing to spoil my mood, nothing to irritate me, nothing to agitate me. I just want a day where I can be happy 24 hours. Haha. Actually, prayed and asked God that I’d have a great coming week, ending with an awesome ‘my day’ on Sunday the 25th. =)

My list this year. Haha. Not that am expecting to buy all these for myself, cause besides starting my diet plan, am starting my money saving plan as well. Heh. But then, it doesn’t feel complete without having a list every year. My tradition. Haha! Its nice just to make a list for ourselves to see. =) Maybe out of the list, I can pick one (only one) to spoil myself with, this 25th. =)

1. Mum to be healthy and happy. Business prosper flourishly. (Only God can grant this! *smiles*)
2. I want to have a loving & caring successful boyfriend. Heh. Can’t rush this, I know, but its definitely one of the top in my list. Haha!
3. I want to have my GBF back. Not literally physically, but rather for things to go back to normal. (Only God can grant this too. Haha.)
4. A sporty watch. Baby G maybe. Preferably digital if it doesn’t look childish. Haha. Already have formal and casual watches. Looking for a sporty one now to add to my collection. Haha.5. An instant camera. I love polaroids! Absolutely love them!6. A new classy guitar with a slimmer neck and one that can be connected to an amplifier. A guitar lover can never have too many guitars. LOL!7. A new Women’s Devotional Bible. Can’t continue using my Teen’s Devotional Bible. Haha. Gosh, am feeling old already. 8. A nice stylish scarf/shawl. Saw people using it when they didn’t bring out a jacket. Looks feminine and stylish. But I can never find a nice one. Haha! Guess I’m not feminine enough to find a nice scarf/shawl. Lol!9. Perfume. Flora by Gucci. Lovely. Been aiming that for more than a year now. Haha. Maybe this year… Hhmmm. Haha! 10. The 2012 new pink Nike Air Max shoes! Haha. Oh well, given that I love gym classes (well, some of it anyway, now that we’re missing Chris’ classes), something from the list has got to be gym related, no? Hehe.

Hhmmm. The list is nice to read through. Saja syok sendiri. Haha.
Just hope for a happy ‘my day’. =)


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