On Call 36 小時 (The Hippocratic Crush)

Just finished watching this TVB series. Absolutely loving it. I guess I’m the kinda of girl that has a little something for dramas involving doctors, firemen, policemen, detectives, etc etc. LOL!

Just having one of my little typical girly guy-oogling moment. The 3 guys who caught my attention in this drama, and I mean, really caught my attention and won it. Haha!

1) Kenneth Ma (馬國明)When he first started his career in TVB, he wasn’t really that attractive, but somehow, someway, people just remembered him. Now, few years down the road, after many movies, even I started liking to watch the shows he’s in. But playing the loving, caring doctor here, just sealed the deal. Absolutely love him here. And really, he IS good looking. To me. Now. Lol!

2) Him Law (羅仲謙)Ok, maybe this pic don’t do him much justice. But believe me, he looks really much better on screen, and in many other pictures. Just that I wanted to take a pic that relates to this series. =) Noticed this fella from the beginning of his carrier due to his hot bod. Yup, he has a really hot bod. Saw it when he acted as a boxer. Hence, in nothing other than the boxer’s shorts, his hot bod was evidently shown. Lol. But he never really appealed to me cause he just seemed like a young boy at that time. Now, looking slightly more matured in his doctor attire, he just oozes with appeal, in my opinion. Loving his young and vibrant character as a doctor in this series. Hee.

3) Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪 )Never ever noticed him until now. As a matter of fact, it was only towards the last quarter of the series that I started noticing him. There’s just something about his character here. His clean cut looks and all just made him ‘oh-so-charming’. But of course, he still can’t compared to Kenneth Ma and Him Law. Not yet anyway. Lol. Still, not bad at all. =)

The female lead here is Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Nothing much to say about her. I mean, she’s pretty good in her job. However, the female character that caught my attention is newbie, Candy Chang (張慧雯).I just think she’s really pretty. Not the hot sexy pretty. But the sweet girl-next-door pretty. And I seriously think she looks much better with glasses on, in the drama. If only I can look like that with my glasses on. Lol!

Another factor that makes me love this series? The romance! The ones that only happen in movies. Haha. But nevertheless, it’s the kind that leaves the heart warm and makes you go “Aawww…” when the scenes appear. And at the end, you’re just left with a goofy smile on your face. Lol! My favourite romance?

1) The one between Kenneth and Tavia2) The one between Benjamin and Mandy Wong (黃智雯)Sweet! Really sweet! =)

Last but not least, I absolutely love the friendship between Him Law’s character and Tavia Yeung’s character. The great ‘bestie-kind’ of friendship they had throughout the show. Not the crazy crush in the beginning of the show though. Haha! =)

Think this is one of those dramas that I can watch again after some time, and not get bored. Lol!


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