The Woman In Black

Was deciding between this show or the ‘Devil Inside’ movie. But since Alan said the latter one sucked, hence me, Mich, Chiet and Boo Leong decided to go for Woman In Black instead. Kinda looked forward to it, for 2 reasons. One, cause I wanted the adrenaline rush, the fright, just for fun. Haha. Two, Daniel Radcliffe is starring in it. Not that am a huge fan of Radcliffe. But, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. See the connection here? Haha!

Really like the new more matured looking Daniel Radcliffe seen in the movie. The slight unshaven beard, the slightly dark serious look. If he hasn’t been carved into my mind so strongly as Harry Potter, I’d even say his new looks is somewhat sexy. Haha! But I’d give him this, he IS good looking here. =) However, me seeing him full length in any scene still makes me feel that he’s just a young boy. Just Harry.  Maybe its his height. Yes, he looks short. Haha! I don’t know. Heh. But many times in the movie, it crossed my mind. OMG, he looks like a boy here! Lol. Not his face looks, but as in, a whole package. He just looks so young. Lol!

But his 4 year old son in the movie (yes, he has a 4 year old son in the movie!!!), is just cute beyond words!! Misha Handley is just adorable beyond words here. But to me, he just looks like Radcliffe’s younger brother instead of his four year old son, no? Haha!

Overall though, the plot and storyline here ain’t bad. And the suspense really stress me out throughout the movie. I won’t rate it as a really scary horror film, cause really, its not that scary, not really anyway. Haha. But the suspense in the night scenes at the abandon haunted mansion made me jump a couple of times in my seat. Lol. Thank God there’s Chiet and Boo Leong crapping stuff to make it a lighter mood. Haha! One of the scary scenes to me was the one involving the rocking chair. Freaky! And another one. The ‘thing’ behing Radcliffe through the window. Made us jump when the camera suddenly zoomed towards Radcliffe and that ‘thing’ behind him. Lol! And of course, there were the freaky looking toys too. One of it being a clown or something like that. These toys really add the ‘fear’ factor for me. Somehow, someway. Heh.

But all in all, its a pretty above average movie. Won’t rate it really good, neither average. Its just above average. Worth my cinema ticket anyway. Definitely won’t buy a copy of the show to keep though. Haha!

Did a little research and realized something really amazing. Relatively speaking. The role of Radcliffe here as Arthur Kips, in the original movie, in 1989, was played by Adrian Rawlins a.k.a. Harry Potter’s  father, Mr. James Potter.What are the odds huh? ‘Father and son’, ending up the same role, 23 years apart. =)


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