THE Bruno Mars

Was surfing YouTube last night. And came across stuff on Bruno Mars’ live performances. And what I saw, boy, it just made me fall in love with him. This guy’s got swag! Lol! I used to just love his songs, but seeing him conduct some of his live performances, damn, he’s so funnily cute! And I don’t even need to mention talented. Haha. Here’s my favourite.  Check out the second song he did. My favourite, ‘Eye Of The Tiger’! Haha. Reminded me of Chris cause he used to do that track for me a lot, in the ‘year of the Tiger’. Lol! Boy, I miss BodyJam. But its so cool Bruno Mars did that on guitar. *salutes!*

Also came across Bruno Mars doing a cover of Katy Perry’s California Girls. And goodness, way way WAY better than the original version. Loving it so much, I downloaded it. Haha! He just made it like a totally different song. And his version sounds so so SO romantic. Heh.

And the fact he is so freaking good at guitar? My new idol. Lol! If only I could play half as good as him. Am setting people like him, Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift as my guitarist role model. Lol! Anyway, yeah, seeing those videos of his live performances just moved him up to the top 5 on my list of concerts that I wish to attend. =)


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